Tim Howard issues first public statement following suspension

Almost two weeks following the incident that
earned him a three-match suspension, Tim Howard has
issued his first statement on the situation.
Howard addressed the incident on his Facebook page
in a post that began with an apology.
“I let myself get too worked up after being provoked
and said some things I shouldn’t have,” the goalkeeper
wrote after issuing a formal apology. “I am at fault and
certainly not a victim in this incident,” he added.
He then took the opportunity to criticize MLS’ handling
of the situation, criticizing the decision to “admonish”
only him, but not the fan who engaged with him.
“We all want passionate fans,” Howard said, “but there
is a line that shouldn’t be crossed. It is not ok for an
apparently drunk fan to get inches away from an
athlete’s face and yell obscenities at them.”
The Colorado Rapids goalkeeper also provided a
further explanation of events in his critique, saying that
he had “never been put into a situation like that until
Kansas City.” He elaborated, adding, “I’m not a security
expert, so don’t know the details of how a fan could
get so close, but it was not the norm and not right.”
The final part of Howard’s lengthy Facebook post called
for a change to fan culture and stricter security
“I don’t mind – and even enjoy – a bit of verbal
jousting with fans,” he wrote, “but I don’t want to be
taunted for my race or my disability (Tourette
Syndrome), which didn’t happen specifically in Kansas
City but happens very often.
“I urge


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